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Promotion commotion

This one took some chutzpah — with a capital -CHHH.  But there's a message, too, for companies that want to keep their promotions on the up-and-up.

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Going mobile

People are going mobile — so transactions are, too.  Today the FTC is hosting a national workshop, Paper, Plastic . . . Mobile, to consider the consumer protection implications of mobile payments.  How can you get involved?

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6(b) or not 6(b): That is the question

Does the IRS have a Form 1039?  Do drivers ever get their kicks on Route 67?  And does 3.14158 ever feel unappreciated because pi gets all the attention?

Most attorneys and business executives are familiar with Section 5 of the FTC Act, which outlaws unfair or deceptive trade practices.  But Section 6 also plays a critical role in protecting consumers.  Specifically, Section 6(b) authorizes the FTC to get information from companies — “special reports” — about certain aspects of their business.

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Salient green?

Earth Day is approaching and it’s great when businesses decide to go green.  But if the “green” they have in mind is the hard-earned cash of consumers interested in making wiser environmental choices, companies should remember that well-settled truth-in-advertising principles apply.  The FTC’s law enforcement action against the people behind the “Green Millionaire” promotion emphasizes that point.

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Regging the question

If you haven’t already, hover up to your toolbar and bookmark the FTC’s Regulatory Review page.  It’s your one-stop resource for what's coming up and what’s going down with Commission rules and guides of interest to your business and your clients.  Recent announcements about the FTC's regulatory review schedule make it a must-read.

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