Where did I put those keys?

If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s only a matter of time.  You walk into a room – say, to get your sunglasses – and then can’t remember why you’re there.  So it’s no wonder that claims for BrainStrong Adult, a dietary supplement advertised on TV, online, and through an active social media presence, caught consumers’ eye.  Ads said that Brain Strong Adult “helps protect against normal cognitive decline as we age” and is “clinically shown to improve memory.”  Read Full Post >>

Ninth Circuit opinion offers insights into illegal pyramid schemes

It’s an illegal pyramid scheme.  That’s the conclusion reached by a federal appellate court in upholding a trial judge’s ruling in an FTC action challenging a multi-level marketing business operated by BurnLounge, Inc.  If you have clients in the business opportunity arena, the opinion is a must-read.

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The letter(s) of the law

It’s not like us to suggest you read someone else’s mail, but the FTC has sent letters that your clients might want to know about.

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Hat trick? FTC charges violations in auto loan servicing, debt collection, credit reporting

Sometimes good things come in threes, like Musketeers, Bronte sisters, and Stooges.  (Shemp doesn’t count.)  But the FTC’s complaint against Consumer Portfolio Services charges the company with three distinct sets of violations – unlawful auto loan servicing, illegal debt collection, and violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act’s Furnisher Rule – all of which spelled triple trouble for consumers.  But there’s relief on the way in the f

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Lice, Lice, Baby

Dare us to describe the legal ramifications of a recent advertising settlement involving health claims in the style of a cringeworthy rap from 1990?  Cue up the bass line ‘cause here we go.

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