Legal Resources

Enforceable Codes of Conduct: Protecting Consumers Across Borders

November 29, 2012

An FTC forum focusing on how government entities, businesses, consumer groups, and others are developing and administering voluntary procedures to protect consumers in cross-border commerce

In Short: Advertising & Privacy Disclosures in a Digital World

May 29, 2012

Following up on the FTC's 2000 "Dot Com Disclosures" publication, a national workshop to consider the need for new guidance concerning effecting advertising and privacy disclosures in online and mobile environments

Drip Pricing

May 20, 2012

FTC workshop to examine the economic implications of drip pricing, the practice of advertising only part of a product’s price and reveal other charges later as the customer goes through the buying process

Forum on Unauthorized Third-Party Charges on Telephone Bills (Cramming)

May 11, 2011

Forum on how the government, businesses, and organizations can work together to prevent consumers from being victimized by unauthorized third-party charges on their telephone bills, a practice known as “cramming"

"Congratulations, You’re a Winner!": Lottery, Prize, and Sweepstakes Scams and the Role of Money Transfer Services

May 1, 2011

A public workshop to examine strategies for protecting consumers from lottery, prize, and sweepstakes scams, and other forms of fraud that use money transfers as the method of payment.

Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book (2010)

March 8, 2011

Report analyzing consumer complaints received by the FTC in 2010, including a list of the Top 10 Consumer Complaints and complaint data by state and metropolitan area

Fraud Forum Report

December 29, 2009

Staff report that examines more effective ways to protect consumers from fraudulent schemes and focus the collective knowledge and experience of forum participants to fight fraud.

Beyond Voice: Mapping the Mobile Marketplace Report

April 1, 2009

Report from May 2008 town hall meeting about issues arising in the mobile commerce marketplace.

Digital Rights Management

March 25, 2009

Conference on the use of digital rights management—technologies typically used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, and copyright holders to attempt to control how consumers access and use media and entertainment content—and how to improve disclosure about DRM limitations.

Ad It Up! Kids in a Commercial World

March 12, 2009

Forum that gathered input for the FTC’s education program on advertising literacy, focusing on what children experience in the commercial world, what they understand about their experiences, and what consumer education efforts will help kids navigate in this world.

Fraud Forum

February 25, 2009

Forum to examine how the FTC can more effectively protect consumers from fraudulent schemes.

Negative Option Marketing Report

January 1, 2009

Report presenting five marketing principles for avoiding deception in negative option offers on the Internet, which poses unique issues not present in print or telephone marketing.

Beyond Voice: Mapping the Mobile Marketplace

May 6, 2008

Town Hall exploring the evolving mobile commerce (Mcommerce) marketplace and its implications for consumer protection policy. This meeting built on a 2006 hearing which examined technological and business developments expected to shape consumers' experiences over the next ten years.

College Scholarship Fraud Prevention Act - 2007 Report

May 5, 2008

Report to Congress from the Department of Justice, Department of Education, and the FTC to provide an update of their activities to combat financial aid fraud and an assessment of the nature and quantity of financial aid fraud during the previous year.

Protecting Consumers In The Next Tech-ade Report

March 28, 2008

Staff report highlighting the challenges of consumer protection in the face of emerging and evolving technologies in the next ten years.

Consumer Fraud in the United States: The Second FTC Survey

October 29, 2007

Report about 2005 survey of fraud in the United States showing that 30.2 million adults – 13.5 percent of the adult population – were victims of fraud.

The Rebate Debate

April 27, 2007

Workshop that provided an opportunity to discuss consumers' perspectives on rebates and challenges businesses face when they offer rebates. Explored "best practices" in the offering and fulfillment of rebates.

Negative Option Marketing

January 25, 2007

Workshop to analyze the marketing of goods and services through offers with negative option features. The workshop addressed the pros and cons of such offers, discussed online marketing of such offers, and explored ways to make effective disclosures when such offers are made online.

Protecting Consumers in the Next Tech-ade

November 6, 2006

Hearings exploring how convergence and globalization of commerce impact consumer protection, examining changes that have occurred in marketing and technology over the past decade, and discussing challenges and opportunities for consumers, businesses, and governmental bodies.