Legal Resources

Debt Collection & the Latino Community: An FTC-CFPB Roundtable

October 22, 2014

How do debt collection and credit reporting issues affect Latino consumers, especially those who have limited English proficiency? That's the subject of a national roundtable hosted by the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?

September 14, 2014

A national workshop to explore the use of big data and its impact on American consumers, including low-income and underserved consumers

Mobile Cramming: A Federal Trade Commission Staff Report

July 28, 2014

Following up on the FTC's 2013 national roundtable on mobile cramming, a staff report outlining five best practices for members of the industry

Privacy & Data Security Update (2014)

June 24, 2014

An overview of the FTC’s enforcement, policy initiatives, and consumer outreach and business guidance in the areas of privacy and data security, from January 2013-March 2014.

Data Brokers: A Call For Transparency and Accountability

May 27, 2014

FTC report on the data broker industry, recommending that Congress consider enacting legislation to make data broker practices more visible and transparent to consumers and to give consumers greater control over the personal information that data brokers collect and share about them

Consumer Generated and Controlled Health Data

May 6, 2014

As part of the FTC's Spring 2014 Seminar Series on Emerging Consumer Privacy Issues, an event to consider the privacy and security implications of the growing trend for consumers to research health conditions online, upload personal health records, and use apps and devices that collect and transmit health information

Care Labeling Rule: An FTC Roundtable

March 28, 2014

A public workshop to consider possible updates to the FTC's Care Labeling Rule for apparel and other products

Alcohol Report - 2014

March 19, 2014

Fourth major study on alcohol industry compliance with self-regulatory guidelines, including those designed to address concerns about youth access to alcohol marketing.

Alternative Scoring Products

March 18, 2014

As part of the FTC's Spring 2014 Seminar Series on Emerging Consumer Privacy Issues, an event to consider data brokers' practice of offering companies scores to predict trends and the behavior of their customers

Mobile Device Tracking

February 19, 2014

As part of the FTC's Spring 2014 Seminar Series on Emerging Consumer Privacy Issues, an event to consider the practice of retailers and other businesses to track consumers' movements throughout and around retail stores and other attractions using technologies that identify signals emitted by their mobile devices.

Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content? An FTC Workshop on Native Advertising

December 4, 2013

Workshop to explore the consumer protection ramifications of blending advertisements with news, entertainment, and other content in digital media, often called "native advertising" or "sponsored content"

Internet of Things Workshop

November 19, 2013

Workshop to explore the privacy and security issues posed by the growing connectivity of consumer devices, including cars, appliances, and medical devices

Roundtable on the FTC Jewelry Guides

June 18, 2013

A public roundtable to consider possible changes to the FTC's Jewelry Guides

Life of a Debt: Data Integrity in Debt Collection

June 5, 2013

Joint FTC-CFPB roundtable to examine the flow of consumer data throughout the debt collection process

Mobile Security: Potential Threats and Solutions

June 3, 2013

A public forum to address malware, viruses and similar threats facing users of smartphones and other mobile technologies

Senior Identity Theft: A Problem in this Day and Age

May 25, 2013

National forum to explore how ID theft affects older Americans, including discussions of medical identity theft, tax- and government benefits-related ID theft, and the special issues facing consumers who live in assisted living or nursing homes

Mobile Cramming Roundtable

May 7, 2013

A national roundtable to examine mobile cramming, unauthorized third-party charges on mobile phone bills

Mystery Shopper Survey on Entertainment Ratings Enforcement (2013)

March 24, 2013

Undercover mystery shopper survey follow-up to September 2000 Report, "Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children: A Review of Self-Regulation and Industry Practices in the Motion Picture, Music Recording & Electronic Game Industries"

Paper, Plastic…or Mobile? A Staff Report on the FTC Workshop on Mobile Payments

March 8, 2013

An FTC staff report today highlighting key issues facing consumers and companies as they adopt mobile payment services